Afternoon Tea.


Harry Potter Inspired Illustrations

A series of “artifacts” from the wizarding world (and extremely fun commission!).

"Harry Potter Artifacts; Books 1-7," ink and watercolor, 2013.

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Studio Ghibli Trivia 6

Hayao Miyazaki allows no more than 10% of the content in his films to be CGI (Computer Generated Images).

In an interview with The Guardian, Hayao Miyazaki, admits that he likes Toy Story because it opened the doors to a new breed of animation and even admits to using CGI in his own movies (but never more than 10% of the finished print). “Actually I think CGI has the potential to equal or even surpass what the human hand can do,” he says. “But it is far too late for me to try it.”

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Wimbledon 2014.

Had a fantastic time at the Tennis yesterday.

As soon as I got in I spotted Federer practising! I couldn’t believe it, I was sooo close to him <3

On Centre Court -

Ladies Singles: Kerber & Sharapova

Mens Singles: Kyrgios & Nadal.